My work is an expression of my introspective personality, and initiatives to become in tune with my inner being.

I aim to inspire others through my art to look inward. In a world where we are in constant interaction with others, it is important we prioritize reflection, acceptance, and love of self. Doing so will allow us to be of better service to others. When we are at peace with ourselves, we spread love and peace to those around us. Engaging in introspection also causes us to understand and appreciate everyday life.

As a multidisciplinary visual artist, I have the opportunity of connecting with others across various media. With my paintings, I paint both representational and non-representational works of art. The representational subject matter that my work focuses on is the enlightened woman. I like to create contrast and emphasis by painting the female subject in grayscale tones and the background layers in vibrant colors. In addition to aesthetic reasons, I use vibrant colors in my paintings to evoke and symbolize positive emotions.

For background layers and abstract pieces, I go beyond the paint brush to create interesting textures, marks, and depth using found objects. I approach abstract paintings in an intuitive manner. Art, for me, is a spiritual practice. By painting intuitively, I allow myself to let my inner being guide my strokes.