What is a Goddess?

78B3A440-FCB2-4B20-BC3E-201F873B61D2A Goddess is a woman who is in tune with her Higher Self. She knows who she truly is. She understands she is not just a physical being. Her physicality is a beautiful vessel which navigates her about the school of Earth. Beneath her captivating shell, she is divine feminine energy. She realizes how powerful she is, and utilizes her power to overcome obstacles. A Goddess refuses to just let life happen to her. She takes responsibility for her circumstances. With the guidance of Source Energy, she creates her reality with powerful intention. She does not blame others for her shortcomings. Nor does she wait for anyone to rescue her. She is accepting of her personality, as well as others’. She honors and respects herself enough to not allow others to mistreat her. She sits on an ornate, crystal filled pedestal that she crafted. It is in her awareness of her Divinity that she fulfills her purpose.

– Krystle, The Goddess

What is your definition of a Goddess? Do you consider yourself a Goddess? Are you uncomfortable with calling yourself such?


“What the fuck is that?”

 Art is a creative form of expression that is not required to do anything more than just that.


There are no rules in Art. This is why for centuries humanity has not been able to come to an agreement with what defines a work of Art. Art simply is. It is a derivative of the Soul. The true essence of a being and its human experience. How could one ever define something that is created from something that is so complex? Would the realm of Art be as diverse and interesting if there were specific guidelines to creating Art?




The One

16×20″ Acrylic on Heavy Duty Canvas

The energy of the number 1 is all about independence, initiation, achievement, and creative individuality.

Last year was a 1 Universal Year. 2017; 2+0+1+7=10;1+0=1

2017 was the beginning of a new cycle for us all in some way. I can attest to the 1 energy that was present in own life. Last year, I started a new job, moved into a new space, released situations that did not serve me, improved my diet and lifestyle, and began imposing my spiritual journey into my art practice.




“Goddess of Manifestation”

16×20″ | Acrylic & Silver Leaf on Canvas

She uses the tools of Nature to create the life she desires and deserves.

The New moon energy is a great opportunity for setting intentions to manifest the things you would like to bring into your life. I like to write a list of only the things I would like to bring into my life… Never focusing on the things I do not want in my life. I then speak these things in my mind during meditation. Once I’ve finished meditating, I let go. The Universe then conspires to bring blessings into my life.



Instant Coffee Painting

Well, I’m no expert at using this medium to paint. Being a coffee lover, it only made sense to partake in two things I enjoy. (coffee & art) Last year, I decided to finally experiment by using Folger’s Instant Coffee, hot water, and you guessed it…a paint brush.  I used a scrap of Canson watercolor paper as my painting surface. Painting with coffee is similar to painting with watercolor medium. Use more water for lighter washes and less water for darker pigments.