New Art: “Awake”


10″x10″ Acrylic on Heavy Duty Canvas | $75.00 +Shipping


Last month, I had the pleasure of participating in the 10×10 Art Show at Hardy & Nance Studios. The 10×10 show was an amazing,diverse exhibit of over 300 10″x 10″ sized pieces. There were pieces of various genres, surfaces, and mediums. I really enjoyed seeing how each artist utilized the 10×10 size requirement. Before deciding to participate in the show, I had never produced a finished 10×10 inch painting. I typically paint on larger canvas. Prior to beginning this piece, I felt a 10×10 inch painting would be too small for anyone to take seriously. This was a big misconception. Painting at a smaller size actually has its own challenges. One of the challenges I faced during the preliminary phase was figuring out how I would create something that would still be interesting at a smaller size. Contrast and color are key elements in my paintings. With the square dimension of the canvas, I made sure to prioritize composition as well. This was a really fun canvas size to work with, so I will definitely be producing more 10×10 inch paintings soon.


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