Creative Problem Solving


Typographic Poster Design | Krystle Ceasar

The role of the graphic designer is to create solutions to the client’s visual communication needs. The designer does so by dissecting the creative brief provided by the client, thorough research of the brand, and execution of possible design solutions.

Here is an example of creative problem solving:

My client, a make-up artist and esthetician, needed a logo for her brand “Vanity Bar”. She wanted a logo that would incorporate make-up tools within the logotype, and a typeface that would be elegant, yet not too feminine. I chose a minimalist, sans serif, typeface that would allow for visibility and connectivity of the mascara wand. The mascara wand works well as the graphic element in the logo design because it is commonly recognizable, resembles the width of the letters in the typeface, and the composition of the tool reads visually as the letter ‘i’. Here’s the color and black and white version of the approved logo.



Client’s application of the logo on merchandise


Design is not problem-focused, it’s solution focused and action oriented




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