Support: For the Artist or Entrepreneur


If you’ve tuned in to this post, you’re most likely an artist or some type of creative entrepreneur. You have aspirations and goals that may seem wild or unachievable to relatives and friends.

We are the same.

When I first began my creative entrepreneurial endeavors, like most, I expected everyone I knew personally and loved to support my dreams. But that didn’t exactly happen. I will say that I have a friends and some family members who have supported me from day one. I have a bestfriend and a mentor who shares my work, and has referred clients to me for portrait photography and design services.And now a significant other who supports me more than some who have known me all my life. Support for me is anything as small as ‘liking’, commenting, or sharing any of my work. Most don’t realize how much these gestures positively affect us. There’s no certainty in the creative realm. It’s all trial and error.

However, It’s not their responsibility to support us.

We shouldn’t expect ANYONE to support our dreams. Not even parents. Most parents won’t. The lack of support is not because they don’t want you to be happy and fulfilled, it’s because they don’t know how possible it is. Most of our parents worked a 9 to 5 to take care of us. If they had any dreams of their own, they were sacrificed for us. Not saying that I agree with not supporting their ambitious, progressive, offspring, but I get it. They don’t want to see you struggle. If you do happen to have that rare, supportive parent, cherish and respect them. Gift them with your art or whatever product or service you offer. Though my mother went the traditional career route because she was a single mother of 4, she always told me “I don’t care what you do, as long as you’re happy”. She has a pretty a successful career in the medical field. She’s been in her field since she was 17 years old, a year before I was born. I admire her sustainability and upward mobility. She has witnessed me experiencing the total opposite in my career endeavors, but she has never tried to derail me from chasing this seemingly impossible to catch dream. For that, and many other reasons, I respect her. For her birthday this year, I painted a portrait of her favorite musician, Prince Rodgers Nelson.

Moral of this long story: Cherish Those Who Support You, Forget Those Who Don’t

When I say ‘forget’ them, I don’t mean you should resent them. I mean only focus on the support you do receive. In the beginning, the only support you may receive is from yourself. After all, you are the only support you need to grow. If you don’t support your own dreams, you’ll get nowhere. Supporting your own dreams means producing whatever it is that your great at consistently, studying your craft, and investing in your craft. The more you support your own dream, the more you’ll attract support from others. I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction, which I won’t go into detail about here. Those others may be strangers. Actually, often it will be those who don’t know you personally who will believe in your gift as if it is rare and magical. Believe those strangers. They are genuine fans because they don’t feel obligated to like your work or idea as if those who know you personally may feel. I appreciate any support I receive whole-heartedly, but when a stranger shows interest in my work its confirmation for me. It reminds me that I am headed in the right path. I had a stranger who caught me doing a rough observational sketch on cheap notebook paper walk up to me, and say “you’re going to be a famous artist some day”. Though fame is not something I’m really after, I just want to eat, and create comfortably, that comment resonated with me. He was a tourist, so I’m pretty sure he’s seen some sick artwork by artists in his country.

I could go on more with this topic, but I’m going to conclude here with this.

Don’t look for Support, look for ways to prosper in your craft or business. If you focus on perfecting your craft, you won’t have time to see who isn’t supporting you. That won’t be a priority. You won’t care. Though I am blessed to be receiving more support from others than when I first began my creative endeavors, I don’t care about who doesn’t support me. I love and return support to those who do support me.



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