Holiday Stationery

This holiday season has inspired me to take advantage of the many design opportunities. I didn’t catch on ’til late, but I will definitely plan ahead next year. It seemed that each time I finished one design, an idea for another arose. I will use some of designs that I didn’t get printed next year.

globecopyrightHere is one of my favorite designs I created this season. It’s double-sided with a matte finish. The top image is the front of the card, and the bottom image is the back of the card. I ordered these postcard prints from MOO.COM. The quality of their prints is awesome, as well as their adorable branding and speedy service.  Get $15.00 off your first Moo order  here .

Here is another design I created for a holiday card. I created different color variations of this design, but I like the simple color palette. I made test prints with my home printer to see how the design would look printed. I liked the test print, so I put in an unopened frame that I had lying around.

I wanted to stick with basic shapes and flat colors, which I am finding is my design aesthetic. My design aesthetic is totally opposite of my art aesthetic. I will write another post discussing the distinction I have made between art and design.


I designed these cute little tags, printed (at Office Depot), and trimmed them. My mother told me about some DIY small gift ideas she wanted to do for her employees. I used this as an opportunity to design tags, which was on my design ‘To-Do List’. I created these in Adobe Illustrator, which is the software I use for all of my graphic work.


I enjoyed every design project I completed this season, and I’m looking forward to creating more next year! What design or DIY projects did you work on this holiday season?

Peace Love & Light,


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