“Golden Sunset”

Golden Sunset | Acrylic on Canvas | 24×30” | September 2016

The beauty and consistency of the sunset hasn’t ceased to amaze me.

Though it is an occurrence of our everyday life, I appreciate it as if it

were a first experience.  After all of the hustle and bustle we have

gone through for the day, the setting of the sun appears as if

it has been assigned to remind us of how blessed we truly are.

It can also be viewed as a daily indicator of our simple successes.

Most of us have crossed out items from our ‘To Do List’

by sunset. The beautiful merging of colors pop in to say

“Hey, you made it! Time to relax.”

The gradient in the sky reminds me of how therapeutic creating a painting can be.

It reminds me of how at peace I feel when blending colors across the canvas.

Doing so quiets my mind, and allows me to listen to my soul.

Which speaks of brilliant transitions, varied texture, and contrast.

However, through all of the variation, there is harmony in the color palette.

Much like the harmony of the hues of the sunset.

 How do you relax after a long, productive day?

What aspect of everyday life brings you optimism?

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