Fireworks Photography

Photo of fireworks taken at Uptown Houston Holiday Lighting
Uptown Houston Holiday Lighting, 2016

Capture Specs: ISO 800 | 135mm | f/2.0 | 1/400 sec

I am a late 20 something year old who is still fascinated by bright lights and vibrant colors. The contrast of brilliant fireworks against the night sky brings me joy. I’ve noticed that I value and utilize contrast in my various methods of art-making. I love how the different elements of a piece each play a significant role in making a piece interesting.

In this photograph, the smoke from the fireworks combined with the dabbles of light adds an interesting characteristic to the architectural building portrayed. The building appears as if it is a powerful source that is emitting energy. It is amazing how much emotion these vibrant speckles and trails of light can add to a photograph.

How to capture fireworks


The method you use for capturing anything depends on your aesthetic preference. Though one could create some awesome effects with blurred lights, I prefer clarity when it comes to fireworks. In order to capture clarity, I had to freeze the motion of the fireworks.

To freeze the motion of a moving subject, a fast shutter speed was required. To create the above photo, I used a 400th of a second for my shutter speed. A faster shutter speed allows less light into the camera’s sensor. Moreover, I had to compensate by adjusting my ISO and aperture. I used a relatively high ISO of 800 which increased the sensitivity level that my camera had to available light. In other words, it allowed even more light into the sensor. Lastly, I had my camera’s aperture wide open at f/2.0. The wider the aperture, the more light allowed into the sensor.

Photo of fireworks taken at Uptown Houston Holiday Lighting
Uptown Houston Holiday Lighting, 2016

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